I did a Google search for emergency dentist Ann Arbor the other day when my young son was in desperate need of a dentist and in pain from a “tooth meets baseball” encounter.

I did manage to find a few dentists in the Ann Arbor area who would be willing to see my son, a week from Tuesday that is!!!  I needed a dentist now!

I admit, once upon a time I didn’t visit the dentist every six months.  Good dental health was important to me, but sometimes life just got in the way.  Or at least it used to.  See, we’d just moved to our new home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  My husband had just started a new job, and my two boys and I were settling in our new house.  It hadn’t even occurred to me to find a dentist, since we were so busy getting organized and ready for school to start.

So, when my older son came bursting into the kitchen one day yelling, “I hit Charlie with a baseball!  Mom, I didn’t mean to!”  I ran out, and found Charlie’s lip bleeding, and a front tooth that looked like it had been severely chipped or maybe even broken.  I knew he wasn’t in need of the emergency room, but I was sure he needed to see a dentist.

After searching Google didn’t result in a dentist who could provide emergency service, I called friends who gave me recommendations – none of whom were able to see me sooner than three days from then. Finally, I remembered a dentist’s office I see every day driving into Ann Arbor for work.  It caught my eye because of the dentist’s unusual name – “Greashaber.”  I tracked down Dr. Greashaber’s website online and saw that he offered emergency dental care.  Perfect!  That’s just what I needed.

I called right then, and told our story to the friendly receptionist.  She didn’t hesitate, and told me to come in straight away, that they would fit Charlie in.  I was thrilled!  We all piled in the car, and drove over to the office right then.  They had me fill out some paperwork, and whisked Charlie right in to get the examination going.

The office was clean, professional, and the kind staff put me right at ease.  I’ll be honest, at first Dr. Greashaber seemed so young, but it quickly became clear he was educated in all the latest techniques.  He clearly had up-to-date and high quality equipment, and worked with skill and ease.  He kept Charlie – who hates going to the dentist – calm with his pleasant manner, as well.

The appointment lasted less than an hour, and we were all pleased with the experience.  We hadn’t had any dental insurance, so I was a little worried about the total bill.  After all, usually we were able to budget for our dental visits.  However, the bill came in at less than I expected, and Charlie was as good as new.

Dr. Nick Greashaber is now our family’s permanent dentist.  He’s professional, affordable, and ready to help you with your dental needs when you really need him.  We recommend him to all of our friends, and encourage anyone looking for a dentist for regular dental care for the whole family and for emergencies in the Ann Arbor area to check him out!

I was so impressed with Dr. Greashaber’s practice that I created this blog to thank him and spread the word. Dr. Greashaber is also a member of the American Dental Association so you will be in good, and regulated, hands.

Yes, “Emergency Dentists Ann Arbor” is what I typed into the Google search bar and if you are looking for that service too then hopefully you found me and will take my advice and go see Dr. Greashaber. He and his staff are the best!!

Oops, I almost forgot. Here is his number: (734) 662-1113
And here is the address  and website:

Nicholas Greashaber, DDS
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
1119 Packard Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


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